Synergizing Music and Art

Discover How Music Unlocks New Dimensions of the Artwork in the

David Owsley Museum of Art.

Comparing a piece of music with a work in the visual arts is a compelling experience, creating a moment of reflection and perhaps a change in perceptions or understandings of both works of art. The following art and music pairings are the result of an immersive learning course for art and music majors at Ball State University. Each student chose a work of art in the David Owsley Museum of Art and paired it with a musical composition. The following pages present our art-music pairings along with essays explaining the connections we uncovered between the artworks in each pair. Our reflective essays are purely subjective, mirroring the personal nature of the fields of art and music, and we invite you to use your own imaginations to create other connections.

Look, listen, and discover the beauty of listening to a piece of music while you view a work of art.

Experiencing the art-music relationships we have uncovered is easy! Click on the following hotlinks. Or, if you are in the Museum, look for paintings with the following treble clef icon. The QR codes placed next to each icon will lead you to the webpage with the corresponding audio link and reflective essay.

We want to hear from you! After you have listened and viewed the works we paired, use the “Leave a Reply” section, located at the bottom of each web page, to send us your ideas. What piece of music would you have paired with each painting?

The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence.  Massimo Stanzione
Interior of Grote Kerke, Dordrecht with an elegant couple.  Daniel de Blieck

Late Romanticism
The Rapids, Sister Island, Niagara. William Morris Hunt

Reflection.  Frederick Childe Hassam
Rest by the Wayside.  William Merritt Chase
Waterfall, Greenwich.  John Henry Twachtman
After reading our reflections on one or two of the impressionist works listed above, try to find your own art-music connections with the following pieces.
Pont de Clisson – Clair de lune.  Henri le Sidaner
Bowl of Goldfish.  Frederick Childe Hassam
Leaving the Port of Le Havre; Shipping. Eugene-Louis Boudin

20th Century
City Life.  Joseph Delaney
Migrants.  Kurt Seligmann
Right Bird, Left.  Lee Krasner

These pages were created by students of “Synergizing Music and Art,” a Ball State University, School of Music immersive learning course, Spring Semester, 2014. Professor Heather Platt, Instructor.
This project was supported by a Creative Teaching Grant, from Ball State University’s Office of Educational Excellence.


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