Bowl of Goldfish and “Danse Sacrèe”


Frederick Childe Hassam’s (1859-1935) Bowl of Goldfish (1912) and Debussy’s (1862-1918) “Danse Sacrèe,” from Danse sacrée et danse profane (1904), are both impressionistic works. What do you think about when you look at the painting while listening to the music? Leave your comments below.

This art-music pairing by Brayana Jeannet.

Click here for a performance of Debussy’s “Danse Sacrèe.”

Performance by the United States Marine Band.  Karen Grimsey, harp. Jason K. Fettig, conductor.  Courtesy of


One thought on “Bowl of Goldfish and “Danse Sacrèe”

  1. Aaron Stangarone says:

    I don’t like this art music pairing. I think the music is too dramatic for the painting. I view the painting as more hopeful, the music doesn’t support that.

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